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Highland Cattle

Highland cattle are the oldest pedigree breed of cattle in the world and the first cattle breed to be registered back in 1884. Originally there were 2 types of Highland Cattle, known as Kyloes. These were small and black in colour and were associated with the West of Scotland and the Islands whereas the larger red haired cattle grazed in the Highlands. Today they are known collectively as Highland Cattle and the recognised colours are Red, Black, Yellow, Dun, White Brindle and Silver.

Highland cattle are robust, tolerant and are able to withstand the long harsh winters that are common in the Highlands of Scotland. Due to the rugged nature of their native habitat, Highland Cattle will eat plants that other cattle avoid therefore making the most of poor forage and a real economic contribution to hill and upland areas.

They are tough beasts and much less work than imported breeds of cattle as they do not need to be housed in the winter because nature has provided them with a weatherproof shaggy coat and an extra thick hide.

Highland Cattle produce excellent beef carcass with well-marbled flesh that ensures tenderness and succulence with a distinct flavour. The beef is both healthy and nutritious with a lower level of fat and cholesterol and has a higher protein and iron content than other beef. Highland Beef tends to be leaner than most because the cattle get most of their insulation from their thick shaggy coat rather than subcutaneous fat.

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